Mens Reserves 2015/16


Jeff Bucknall

Assistant Manager

Aaron Grimshaw


Tuesday - 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Spital Park

2015/16 Leagues

North Leicestershire Football League - Div 3


The Jolly Potters

The Chequred Flag


Derek WIllis Tiling

Curry Tonight

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J. Ambrose-Jones

M. Ball

L. Bond

J. Brownett

J. Buchanan

S. Bucknall

K. Bucknall

J. Bunyan

J. Burkey

J. Burrows

B. Butson

D. Chilton

C. Dodsworth

S. Dodsworth

M. Greasley

L. Grimshaw

O. Grimshaw

H. Guilbert

J. Hallam

J. Hillier

T. Halford

J. King

S. Kirton

B. Lawrence

N. Lockwood

K. Munton

A. O'Reilly

T. Oliveira

W. Pearson

S. Perkins

C. Perkins

J. Purkis

M. Rolley

P. Ross

R. Simms

A. Smith

O. Smith

A. Stallard

T. Warren

S. Warren

D. Watson

M. Watson

M. Webster

A. Wragg

12th - H v Northfield Emerald Res
W - 4-0
S. Bucknall 2, Bee, Guilbert

13th - H v L'boro Utd Res
W - 9-1
Foweather4 , S. Bucknall 3, M. Watson, ?

30th - H v Shepshed Amatures Res
W - 7-1
S. Bucknall 2, O. Grimshaw, Foweather, S. Perkins, Nolan-Green, OG

16th - A v Birstall
W - 4-1
S. Bucknall, Ross, D. Watson, M. Watson

9th - A v Mountsorrel
W - 6-0
Ambrose-Jones 2, M. Watson, S. Warren, S. Bucknall, J. Smith

19th - H v Mountsorrel
W - 8-0
S. Bucknall 5, D. Watson 3

12th - H v Shepborough
W - 12-0
Foweather 5, S. Bucknall 3, L. Grimshaw, Bond, Webster, OG

5th - A v FC Coalville
W - 3-1
Foweather, O. Grimshaw, M. Watson

28th - A v Markfield
L - 5-0

21st - A v Shepshed
W - 3-2
Ambrose-Jones 2, S. Bucknall

14th - A v Birstall Old Boys
W - 5-1
S. Bucknall 2, Foweather 2, Ambrose-Jones

7th - H v Markfield
L - 4-1

24th - H v K.S. Leicester Polska
L - 3-1 (CC)
M. Watson

17th - A v L'Boro Utd Res
W - 9-2
Foweather 4, S. Bucknall 3, M. Watson 2

10th - H v L'boro FC A
W - 13-3
Greasley 3, M. Watson 3, S. Bucknall 2, Foweather, Hawkins, S. Perkins, Ross, OG

12th - H v Woodhouse Imps
W - 8-0
Ambrose-Jones 2, Bucknall 2, Watson 2, Gilbert, Lockwood

5th - H v Loughborough Emmanuel
L - 5-1
S. Bucknall

Mens Reserves 2017/18

Team Photo Coming Soon


David Green


Wednesday - 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Spital Park

2017/18 Leagues

North Leicestershire Football League Division 3

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The Jolly Potters

The Jolly Potters

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